MiniKids 4-7yrs

Our MiniKids workshops for children aged 4-7 are full of energy, fun and skill development, and include drama activities, games and dance!  Our amazing team of qualified practitioners will ignite your child's imagination and provide opportunities for them to immerse themselves in enchanting stories, topics and characters. Through the medium of drama, dance and music, children are able to express their individuality, grow in confidence and make new friends.

Each term children are guided through meticulously-planned, fun-filled workshops which encourage collaboration, build on their confidence and boost performance skills. All of our Lead Practitioners have trained at prestigious Performing Arts Schools and/or have an abundance of theatrical experience. We have a rigorous recruitment process where all practitioners are subject to extensive background checks, including Enhanced DBS checks. They are also required to complete an online child protection course.

“I cannot recommend Natalie and her fantastic team at ShowKids enough. They seem to perfect a balance of fun and professionalism" Florence's mum

What happens in a MiniKids workshop?

Each workshop begins with a movement/dance warm-up and a drama game to shake off the school day and refocus their energy into the workshop! This is followed with role-play, improvisation and devising tasks around an exciting theme, topic or storybook. Children bring the scenes and characters to life as part of the whole group as well as working in pairs or smaller groups to develop their own performance work, with the support of their practitioner. Key performance words are introduced and reinforced each week including; devising, characterisation, body language, voice projection and clarity. We finish all of our workshops with fun choreography for the children to learn – linked to the characters and story they have explored during the workshop! Dance is super beneficial for young children; developing their focus, coordination and spatial awareness.

Our venues

CLAPTON - The Round Chapel, Glenarm Rd - MONDAYS 4pm - 4.50pm

STOKE NEWINGTON - The Old Fire Station, Leswin Rd -  THURSDAYS 4pm - 4.50pm

FOREST GATE - Space East, Arch 439 Cranmer Rd - MONDAYS 3.45pm - 4.35pm

FOREST GATE - Durning Hall Community Centre, Earlham Grove - THURSDAYS  4pm - 4.50pm

WALTHAMSTOW - United Reformed Church, Orford Road - TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS  4pm - 4.50pm

WALTHAMSTOW - The Greenleaf Centre, Greenleaf Road - THURSDAYS 4pm - 4.50pm

CHINGFORD MOUNT - St. Edmund's Church, Larkswood Road - WEDNESDAYS 4pm - 4.50pm

LEYTON - Leyton Sports Ground Pavilion, 2, Crawley Road - TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 4pm - 4.50pm

What else do we offer?

  • Written feedback every term on your child’s development!
  • MiniKids share performance work with family and friends at two stages throughout the year, allowing you to regularly celebrate their progress.
  • Simple Mindfulness techniques are utilised in workshops to promote wellbeing and self-awareness.

Following advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education, we've worked hard  to adapt our workshops and holiday courses to meet the latest government guidelines whilst maintaining all the benefits of our safe, confidence-building environment and developing social skills with evermore focus on wellbeing.  

Read how our workshops are Covid-Compliant here



Please contact us on 0203 488 5384 or email [email protected] for more information