MidiKids 7-11yrs

"My daughter loves ShowKids, she always comes out of the workshops with a big smile on her face and is so excited to attend each week”
Millie's mum, Hackney

"The tutors infect them with so much enthusiasm and have helped both of my sons to release their talents"
Milo and Theo's mum, Stoke Newington

MONDAY– The Round Chapel –  5pm-6pm

THURSDAY– The Old Fire Station – 5pm-6pm

MONDAY – Space East – 5pm – 6pm
THURSDAY– Durning Hall – 5pm-6pm



Next term our MidiKids will be exploring the theatre styles of Melodrama and silent movies! Children will explore melodramatic characters and conventions and will be encouraged to focus on their physicality and voice to represent and embody the stock characters found within this genre. Children will also be guided to develop a deeper understanding of how to fully engage the audience, considering staging, interesting plots and clearly portrayed character intentions. Staging and transitions are crucial to the overall standard of any performance and next term our ShowKids will continue to develop these within their performance work. 

Drama is a great outlet for children to express themselves and provides them with the opportunity to experiment with their voices and movement in a safe and supportive environment. This enables their confidence to grow which can benefit them in other aspects of their lives where confidence and voice are key.

We also provide the opportunity for our ShowKids to take accredited performance examinations through L.A.M.D.A. Our tutors have a 100% pass rate with most achieving Merit or Distinction.

After-school workshops:

  • MidiKids workshops are 60 minutes in duration.
  • Pupils are taught drama every week and singing and dance on alternate weeks.
  • Activities each term are inspired by either a theme, topic, stimulus, musical, book or play.
  • Depending on ability and pupil interest some pupils may work in groups on a set play or devised performance which they will perform to friends and family at the end of the term.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to work in friendship groups as well as mixed groups to help develop their social skills.
  • Parents receive detailed termly emails on their child’s progress.


  • Role Play to develop creative thinking.
  • Group work to develop communication, social and listening skills.
  • Teacher led activities to develop characterisation, physicality and voice.
  • Performance to boost confidence and develop fluid and articulate speech.


  • Developing the use of projection and articulation.
  • Fun songs from musicals, films and the charts.
  • Fantastic outlet for expression.
  • Maintains well-being.


  • High in energy – a fun way to keep fit!
  • Developing coordination and concentration skills.
  • Improving sense of rhythm.
  • Developing creative thinking.

Fees: Payment is made on a monthly basis.
Please contact us on 07889925225 or email for more details.