MiniKids 4-7yrs

“It's always a relief when your child runs in without a look back”
Charlie's mum, Hackney.

"Her confidence has really grown, she absolutely loves the workshops and looks forward to them so much each week"
Norma's mum, Hackney

MONDAY– The Round Chapel –  4pm-4.50pm

THURSDAY– The Old Fire Station – 4pm-4.50pm

MONDAY – Space East – 4pm-4.50pm
THURSDAY– Durning Hall – 4pm-4.50pm


AUTUMN term 2019 

Forest Gate
We are thrilled to announce our Forest Gate ShowKids centres have opened! To ensure our new MiniKids feel confident, safe and supported in the space, we have started with our ‘Introduction to Performing Arts’ programme – with tasks that allow the children to explore the new space, become familiar with their peers, and develop their understanding of the structure of a drama workshop. Over the next few weeks the children will gradually be introduced to performance terminology including ‘still image’, ‘facial expressions’, ‘body language’, ‘gesture’ and ‘improvisation’!

Our ShowKids are busy exploring a variety of Roald Dahl texts this term, bringing his fabulous stories to life. We chose Roald Dahl as our muse as there is just SO much potential when staging these scenes! Sections of the text are also read aloud to the children to enthral and engage them, at stages throughout the workshops, with our practitioners interpreting the characters to also model characterisation.

MiniKids (4-7yrs) are being encouraged to consider their tone of voice, projection, facial expression and body language when interpreting the characters – especially Mrs Pratchett from ‘Boy’ who is such a delightful character to explore!

After school workshops:

  • MiniKids workshops are 50 minutes in duration.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to work in friendship groups as well as mixed groups to help develop their confidence and social skills.
  • Parents receive personalised termly feedback on their child’s progress.


  • We explore a variety of stories, themes and scenarios through role-play, devising and improvisation.
  • Developing language, projection and clarity through use of voice in performance. 
  • Opportunities every week to perform to peers. 
  • Children work in groups and pairs which supports the development of their communication, confidence, social and listening skills.
  • MiniKids share performance work with friends and family at 2 stages throughout the year: Christmas and Summer. 


  • Developing the use of projection and articulation.
  • Fun songs from musicals, films and the charts.
  • Maintains well-being.


  • High in energy – a fun way to keep fit!
  • Developing coordination and concentration skills.
  • Improving sense of rhythm.

Fees: Payment is made on a monthly basis.
Please contact us on 07889925225 or email for more details.