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Confidence-building Performing Arts Workshopsfor children aged 4-16 in East London

Mindfulness for Children

Research is proving that programmes that incorporate mindfulness activities for children can support them to improve their concentration and memory, develop self-control and reduce anxiety levels.

Mindfulness benefits:

  • Improved resilience
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved ability to manage stress
  • Ability to manage thoughts positively
  • Improved memory 
  • Patience

We utilise the techniques of other mindfulness programmes for children by underpinning some of our practical activities and discussions on these. In a workshop, this might simply mean children:

  • Have time to sit on their own before a task to visualise their role in the group
  • Empathise with other students in the room, or characters in their group to appreciate how they might be feeling
  • Paint a scene while discussing what smells and sounds they would be experiencing if they were there
  • Take part in simple breathing exercises to calm and focus their mind before a performance

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