Our ethos

We believe in nurturing a love for the arts and performance, and allowing each child to develop at their own pace. Our workshops focus on the challenging process of creating performance work rather than the productand children participate in a variety of rehearsal and presentation tasks which utilise and develop underpinning life skills in every session, including communication, team work, empathy and creativity.

Mindfulness is playing a ever-greater role in schools across the country. Research is proving that in practising mindfulness techniques, young people can improve their concentration and memory, develop their emotional self-control and reduce anxiety levels. Our courses utilise this research. Through the activities of role-play, reflection, discussion, performance and feedback, and through simple focusing techniques, children are encouraged to be more aware and appreciative of their own behaviour, of each other and of their environment.

Our after-school workshops are taught in groups of no more than 14 children, which allows our practitioners to provide individual attention and personalised guidance for each child. This also allows opportunity for children to work in a range of groups to develop their communication, leadership and social skills.